"I've been working with Dane at TRU-COR for a little less than a year now. This is my first experience using a personal trainer, and it has turned out to be the best way for me to maintain my motivation. Plus, I get workouts tailored to me. Dane is always enthusiastic and supportive during the workouts. He is constantly changing the routine to make the workouts more challenging as my fitness improves. My goal when I started was to lose the baby weight from my first child (who is now 6). Not only have I lost over 20 pounds, but I feel stronger and healthier than ever!"

• Melissa D.

"I have told Corbin that I did not get the "exercise gene." Working out/exercising has always been a huge challenge for me and I have often been so sore after that it would hurt to sit or stand. Corbin has been training me for the past two years and workouts have been designed to help improve my strength and balance. I found this especially important to help prevent falls. Corbin has challenged me during our sessions to do things I never thought a sixty year old could do! He has an understanding of exercise physiology and is always willing to explain the reason for a particular exercise (and of course listen to my complaints!). I am much stronger today than I was even two weeks ago. The investment in training with TRU-COR Fitness – best decision ever!"

• Sue K.


"I joined TRU-COR Fitness almost a year ago with the "simple" goal of being able to button my jeans again. I've never had a personal trainer before so I didn't really know what to expect. After the first few workouts I realized that my "simple" goal wasn't going to be that simple. But I was up for the challenge. Working with Dane at TRU-COR has been a great experience. He is always changing my workout to ensure that my body doesn't get used to the same routine. He motivates me when I don't feel like working out, is very professional, and makes working out fun. With the help of Dane and TRU-COR Fitness, I am getting into the best shape of my life and look forward to continuing our workout sessions beyond reaching my goal."

• Megan P.


"I came to Corbin at TRU-COR Fitness after I finished my rehab on a bilateral total knee replacement. At the time I had a distorted idea about my physical capabilities after extensive physical therapy before and after my surgeries. How sadly out of shape I was! It has now been a year since I started my journey to better physical condition and better health and I can say from the heart and honestly that the more you move the better you feel and the stronger you feel inside. My knees are great and have been a great asset to my workouts. My orthopedic doctor is so impressed that he wants to post my progress in his office for others to see and emulate. Working out at TRU-COR has been a pleasure. One benefit is that I am never bored with a workout, it changes frequently and that anticipation of the next step in the journey to a better me is exciting. As a nurse I look for a trainer who has in depth knowledge about nutrition and how to work with persons with physical issues and joint replacements. I found it at TRU-COR and have vowed to continue on my journey for life!"

• Judy G.

"I began training for triathlons around five years ago. I trained hard, but only seemed to be achieving a small amount of success. Being a triathlete means dividing your time between swimming, biking and running and what I was missing was the core and strength training required to improve in each of these disciplines. One year ago I employed the help of trainer, Dane Truchon of TRU-COR Fitness. Dane and I set up a flexible plan based on my needs and went to work. This plan not only included strength and core training, but also monitored my body weight and muscle mass. To date, I have gained 4.5% muscle and lost a total of 20 pounds. My first intention with training was to improve at shorter distance triathlons, but with a stronger body, I am currently training for my first Half Ironman competition that consists of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride and a half marathon run. I am 54 years old and I believe you can achieve anything if you work hard and have the correct professional training. I thank Dane Truchon of TRU-COR Fitness for giving me the confidence to pursue this new endeavor!"

• Denise G.


"I know what needs to be done but I don't always do it. I know it is easy to make an excuse to delay what needs to be done. A heavy work travel schedule is my number one excuse. Going to TRU-COR Fitness and working with Corbin at least once a week helps me eliminate my major excuse and work toward my goal of better health. My diabetes is under control and I am more energetic and efficient at work. Friends and colleagues have noticed an increase in my overall positive attitude. Guided exercise WORKS!"

• Ron K.


"Deciding to start seeing a personal trainer was one of the best decisions for my health that I've ever made. Choosing TRU-COR Fitness was the smartest. I've been seeing Dane for over a year now and he has made all the difference. He is supportive, encouraging, and kind but also has the ability to push me further and harder than when I am on my own. And I never get bored! Going twice a week I thought I'd be doing a lot of the same stuff over and over but he is constantly changing things up so that almost every workout is different. TRU-COR has been a huge component on my road to health and I am so grateful to have them as a resource and ally!"

• Jackie W. 

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